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Originally Posted by redearedslider View Post
128GB is alright but windows will take up 30 or so and you'll want to keep 10-20% free for performance reasons (might be a legacy issue) so your "effective" space will be closer to 80. If you're not restarting the pc often then I imagine you could get by fine with the HDD unless it's really slow or something. High res video takes up a ton of space though so you might need another external anyway depending on how much you're recording and how often you're offloading.
Thanks. M$FT claims 10 GB, but it can't hurt to have a margin. And a quick review of my videos folder says that 10 min of video uses about 25MB to about 75 MB, though I don't know the resolution for these. The other issue is that my face, if reproduced in high fidelity, could cause screens to break worldwide.
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