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PDF: Goal-directed debugging of spreadsheets

We present a semi-automatic debugger for spreadsheet
systems that is specifically targeted at end-user programmers.
Users can report expected values for cells that yield
incorrect results. The system then generates change suggestions
that could correct the error. Users can interactively
explore, apply, refine, or reject these change suggestions.
The computation of change suggestions is based on a formal
inference system that propagates expected values backwards
across formulas. The system is fully integrated into
Microsoft Excel and can be used to automatically detect and
correct various kinds of errors in spreadsheets. Test results
show that the system works accurately and reliably.
Easier to read website: GoalDebug

Alas, I see no links on how to get a hold of the software itself. May be they're developing it for commercial use, and don't have a full release yet. Or perhaps they see it just as an academic project.

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