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Originally Posted by mlschop
Define "most people." I'd say the general gaming population (ESPECIALLY nintendo's "kiddy" population) doesn't know, nor care to know about emulators.

Also - not everyone likes breaking the law - ESPECIALLY with how groups like RIAA and MPAA are getting lawsuit happy lately.

I think the price points i mentioned make sense and are more reasonable. You do realize anything nintendo makes from this is pure profit - so they won't care about quantity of downloads as much as they would straight profit(i.e. 500 DLs @ $5 vs. 2000 @ $1)

You also have to look at used game prices. Alot of N64 games go for $10-15 used. I doubt Nintendo would undercut those...
You can buy some good PS2 games for $10, and all of the greatest hits are $20, so I just can't see Nintendo charging $10-$20 for a download of a game from several generations ago. I guess we'll see...
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