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Originally Posted by enyj View Post
It is official now!!

No more guessing! (Even after the obvious buyout of the domain name!)

What more with Starcraft2! God, I am having a gaming boner. What an orgasmic cataclysmic gaming mash-up!!

Gotta love Blizzard! I love D3!!!

The witch doctor looks freakin cool. Hopefully they r gonna do a add-on cause 5 characters seem too little to me!

However, now it seems the game is veering towards something like WoW.
Which sucks because I kinda hate WoW. Please, let it stay true to D2...
I looked at it a little and it does look pretty cool. Im not a huge fan of MMORPGs so I never got into WoW. Even if it is veering towards a WoW I am pretty sure they are going to stay pretty constant in the play style.

I think Diablo 2 was one of the greatest games I played when it came out and just about until they released the expansion. After that they changed it so in order to play much past the first difficulty and level 45 or so you pretty much had to play with a party. I really hope they put more emphasis on being able to play by yourself and not make it depend as much being in a party. I think its great to include co-op and make that enjoyable as long as they dont sacrifice single players.

Also I have never played WoW but if it is anything like other MMORPGs I would think the play styles are quite a bit different. I am sure they are a bit similar in some ways but you could probably make that argument with just about any game.

Either way we will probably still have to wait 2-4 years until it gets released anyway.
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