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Originally Posted by nonactuarialactuary View Post
I disabled it a long time ago, so nothing happens when I press the button. With three buttons on the left side of the phone though, I always press the wrong button when trying to turn volume up or down. It's a minor annoyance, but just so unnecessary. Bixby is awful.

The case on my phone probably makes it worse, but these things are impossibly fragile without the case. I had went a week without a case when I first got the phone, but a couple days later, I noticed the glass on the back had cracked. I never even dropped the phone: no idea when it cracked. Having a glass back to the phone is another dumb design decision. Did they fix that with the S10?
I don't like bulky cases (or any case, really). But I also don't like a broken glass back. I got a carbon fiber dbrand skin for my S8, and will do the same for whatever I get next (
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