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Originally Posted by yoyo View Post
PP, the Pixel 3 might be a good size for you. It's a little more narrow than the OnePlus phones I've had in recent years.

1st gen folding phone tech is a hard pass for me
Yes, I really liked the size of the Pixel 3. If it had a phone jack, I would probably have bought it, despite my current phone being fairly new and working perfectly well.

The Moto X4 is a little larger than I like, and doesn't do wireless charging, and has a worse screen and a worse camera than my last phone (the Blackberry Priv) but it does everything well enough, and the battery life is terrific. I still miss the Priv, and I would still be using it if I'd been able to find a new battery to install. grumble grumble planned obsolescence grumble grumble. But I do like some of the features of Android v9.
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