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Originally Posted by George Frankly View Post
I think that was the right call. We bought a Samsung 55" 9000 Series 4k thing this summer. It's more TV than I wanted, long story about why it came home with us. And I like it, the color quality is good, the blacks are reasonably black (in before 'that's racist), and the definition is quite nice. But compatibility concerns and the price... it wasn't exactly a wise choice.
Thanks, GF, this helps me feel better.

I was torn, because a lot of the nicer 1080p sets in 65" size weren't much cheaper than some of the 4K options. So I thought, "Why not get 4K? The small premium gives me access to new content, and might make the 1080p content look better."

But a TV like that was going to cost me $1,000 more than I spent (or $2,000 more if I went for a really nice one). A 55" won't be as large as I'd prefer in the room where it's going, but it's still a significant upgrade from the 40" we've been trying to watch in there. For less than $600 spent, I can't complain too much. If this gets me through the next few years until 4K is ubiquitous (and hopefully OLED as well) then it will be a wise purchase. And at that time, I can give one of my 55" screens to somebody who will appreciate it.
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