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Update: 1 more quest to go (Grim Tales). Will finish that today. Also, I got 3m from the master clue, significantly better than the 86k I got from my last master clue. Next on my list is to do all the hard achievement diaries and finish my 1k vorkath loot tab. Really excited for this part of the game
Finished Quest cape, working on getting base 70 in all stats (still debating if runecrafting counts on this list...)

Couldn't wait for all 1k vorkath kills, so sold off loot tab at 150 kc. Made close to 22m, -4.5m in supplies, so netting a solid 17.5m profit. Rebought some melee gear and worked on my black demons (demonic gorilla) slayer task, got a zenyte shard drop for an extra 11m. Good stuff!
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"Cali" SMH.
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