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Originally Posted by bee831 View Post
Thanks for the update, sharpe_objects. I'm planning on taking this exam in March 2019, and wanted to know your thoughts on the ASM Manual. Other folks on the threads here had said it put them to sleep and that it was riddled with errors.

How did you like the ASM manual?
Please don't get the ASM manual. It is absolutely awful in my opinion. Here's why:

1. There's an error on essentially every page making it incomprehensible.
2. The concepts are in my opinion poorly explained.
3. His solutions are very difficult to follow because he does many steps on one line.

Your best bet is, from what I've seen from my studying, coaching actuaries. The CA manual and videos are phenomenal, filled with easy to understand visuals. I suggest just getting the bundle since all at once you'll get everything you could possibly need (incredible teaching, hundreds and hundreds of problems, forums for help, etc).
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