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I agree that CA is a great tool to study for ASA exams. You took MLC before. Did you just memorize techniques and shortcuts to pass LTAM? Even though there were some contents got removed from MLC, LTAM only got more material than old MLC after all if many new contents were not tested in October 2018 sitting.

You said you had work and no study time since that's your 4th sitting after three 0s on MLC. How did you go through all LTAM manual and memorizing the techniques used in solving those questions in 3 months? Did you buy CA Video Lesson too?

It would be very difficult for someone to improve from level 0 to level 7 on ADAPT in such a short period.

By the way, even CA coaches would not recommend to memorize a lot shortcuts but teach to derive formulas from first principles. I do not think most of questions on LTAM or MLC were similar to sample questions from SOA. At least those written answer questions did not have similar styles as past questions but they were not quite difficult either. If you just memorized the techniques to solve old sample questions, that would not make you go beyond score of 3 or 4.
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