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Hey guys, Good to have this thread for discussion.

Can anyone analyse me where I stand rightnow? I am scared that I might not make into next attempt.

1. I did survival from ASM including all exercise questions to built strong base, took me 20 days.
2. I moved to CA from Inusrance section and now I stand at Reserves section, markov chain to start in 2 to 3 days.
3. I am doing only assignments + Examples from CA manual without looking at them and doing well at them, may be 80%. It seems they are easy one and exam is gonna be tough. Although, first 10 chapters from ASM helped me to build strong foundation of survival probabilities which seems to be key for this exam as of now.
4. I am planning to complete manual before 10 march so I take 50 days for practice questions as I am not using Adapt rightnow. I will need alot of practice.

Any guide that I should follow to prepare in more efficient way?
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