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Lots of random threads that I thought were worth linking to. Most are very old (doesn't mean they don't apply). Westley needs to come back and organize, but has not done so as of August 2017.

Westley, why should I listen to your advice when you're such a jerk ?

Advice that applies mostly to people still in school/looking for their first job:
Really, resumes should only be one page? Why?
Updated one-page resume discussion here .
How do I 'correctly' answer this question ?
What about my embarassingly bad GPA? ?
What do I say to follow up on a resume that I sent a few weeks ago? How do I avoid a bunch of empty silence ?
Should I do it myself? My boss can do it faster why not give it to him? (Note: Some of my best advice, almost any young person can benefit from reading this.
Discussions on how well foreigners (or natives, I guess) need to speak English: 1 2
How do I decline a job offer ?

Advice for people already working:
Basics of negotiating
Can I use a reference without checking with that person? What's the worst that could happen - they just won't say much. Right?
Can I use multiple recruiters ?
Should I be a job hopper if I'm trying to increase my salary, or is it better to stay with my company ?
Can I use the DWS scale to negotiate salary ?
Some exceptional advice from MNBridge on discussing salary with your current employer (post 56)

Advice for resigning:
Should I put in more than 2 weeks notice?

Other stuff:
Does it make sense to go insurance now and switch to consulting after I pass exams, since consulting pays better ?
Really bad recruiter stories: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Threads on negotiating:

Other recruiter stuff:
I should just ignore recruiters until I need a job, right? (Post #32 is particularly good)

Networking event discussion:
Negotiating multiple offers:

Bumped because I think newbies could learn something from this thread, particularly my post 28 (but read the whole thing up to there):
A little thought before assuming everybody else is stupid and you're smart will be appreciated by managers. You're welcome managers!

Good thread on actuarial communications:

This is where I was just storing some junk that amused me, probably can skip and I'll find someplace else to put it later.


OK, now I'm going to use this post to hide my tracking of former sig line quotes, since I keep thinking I might run a "best of" someday

I don't know how you are doing for friends, probably not very well, but you might get along with GosuJohn --remilard
Well maybe everyone is born closed-minded, arrogant and brainwashed. Did you ever think of that? --Listeria
Now I'm mean. I'm cool with that. Because I'm lucky, and for some reason, I assume completely independent of my mean parenting approach, I have pretty good kids. --gomer_tree
We've decided to compromise and do it her way ---Pseudolus
The more information we have, the more useful our responses. Well, not mine, but in general. --Woodrow
Make sure she is real easy on the eyes and also just easy in general. --Abused Student
"getting drunk and tasing your buddy" was evidently not a legitimate reason for the broward county sheriff's office to permit use of a taser. --MattTheSkywalker
I hate icebreakers. That's why I quit church. --tbug
I think the people on this board have the math skills to figure out that they can do better than to pay $400 for half an hour with a $300/hour hooker. --Loner
From the title, I just assumed this was another JAS attention-whoring thread. --tbug
Not to be difficult. (This time) --MattTheSkywalker
I was doing an assignment for my online Amateur Sociology class at MTSU. --Baron von Raschke
Are you worried about being drafted? You are probably getting too old by now. You've spent your prime war-fighting years whining on the internet. --shekky tree
read the original post, clown. --MattTheSkywalker
It's tagged as satire... Did you go to a public school or something? --cubedbee
OMG. I just realized that all those boy stories JAS has ever told us are all true. Because when she makes crap up, it's really really boring. --SamTheEagle
Oh and the Clemson girl was very arrogant!! I felt offended and insecure inside when she said she could beat me at basketball. --gosujohn
women around me without a long-term commitment seemto be the ones having the most children. Although... most of them don't actually raise their children to adulthood, they're taken away at some point. -JAS
yea, if history repeats itself, I'll just learn it the next time around -yanz
I would be happy to become engaged to Westley. -Listeria
Jack it would be nice if you'd quit calling Jersey the Garbage State. It's not like Staten Island is exactly a jewel. -Loner
I hate to break the new to you but your son witnessed Santa plowing your wife. -Jack
I do not recommend a dinner of Brandy and Oreos, which I once partook of -Maine-iac

Hedge Funds: 1) Give us millions. 2) You don't know what your money is invested in. 3) You can't ask us what were doing. 4) We'll tell you trading results when we feel like it. 5) You can only take your money out when we say so, not when you want to. 6) Pay us gigantic fees.
American public: This is an awesome idea.

Sean Archer:Webster McRiley::Michelangelo's David:The ashtray your kid made at camp ---Luda
Math is like lazy white person kryptonite. ---tenthring
Let's face it, I am a pretty big deal in the actuarial Master Cleanse community. ---FormLetter
I used to listen to El Shaddai and pretend that the hebrew words translated into something filthy and perverted. She could have been her generation's Britney Spears. ---Person Man
I can pretry much guarantee that you will not be taken seriously by those of us with actual influence. ---jas66kent
One day JSA666kent is going to give you resume advice, Westley. Maybe he has already. I would believe that. ---FormLetter
govt launders the existence of victims to immoral behavior, thereby making it so much easier to rationalize ---Chuck

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