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Originally Posted by E View Post
1. Don't listen to my 2006 self's advice on 401k contribution maximization. Definitely max it out to the IRS limit if you can.

2. I still agree with my 2006 self on future taxes and believe the current "tax reduction" is mostly short-term illusion.

3. The internet's memory is amazing.

4. How many people in this thread have retired since 2006?
Cool to see you two still check this. I'm just a 28 year old new Fellow, no wife and no kids. My federal withholding decreased by over $130.00 last paycheck. An accountant in my family calculated my estimated savings this year at ~$3,500.

It appears my work has a Roth option in addition to the generous contribution the company currently provides on a pre-tax basis. I must research more into the mega backdoor Roth, as I make too much now to contribute the full amount of money to a regular Roth IRA.

Hope retirement is good, Klaymen. Keep it real, E.

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