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Originally Posted by Colonel Smoothie View Post
With regards to HireVue, I'm extremely skeptical and doubt that it's a good idea. For those not in the loop - it's a program that scans your face and uses AI to determine whether you'll be a good hire.

There are some good things about it - pre-interview practice gives you feedback on how to improve yourself. But, attempting to correlate facial expressions with competence makes me uneasy.
I think HireVue is mostly used with discriminatory intent anyway....on how you speak, if you are confident in what you say, and maybe race.

Also, I'm a bit skeptical on the whole "practice" portion. I've noticed a lot of these video interviews claim you can have unlimited attempts for each question and to submit the best response. How do I know that these "attempts" arent being sent as well? If you want the best response, why not just email me a list of questions, and I'll draft you a well written response.

I tend to skip any interview that asks for an automate interview....they want me to dress up and speak for 10 or 15 minutes in front of a computer. I highly doubt the person reviewing my interview is watching the whole 10 minutes... also I can't ask any questions about the program or company.
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