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Originally Posted by JMO View Post
Taxi cabs with no driver? How will people know who/how much to tip?

As for over/under, what good is a taxi if you can only ride it in daylight/good weather? Or will they be more like shuttles that only go on specific routes? Those with such restrictions aren't really self-driving IMO. Just sayin'
Originally Posted by Gonzo View Post
not level 5, but definitely a step in that direction
Agreed. And Level 5 has always been a bit of a sci-fi distraction to what Level 4 can do.

To answer JMO's question, they would not go on specific routes, but would nonetheless likely be contained to a specific geography. From my perspective, if I can fly into Boca Raton on a weekend and the cab will take me to my friend's house (locally) or any hotel, that's pretty amazing technologically. Is it actually useful? Mmmmm...maybe not so much.
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