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Originally Posted by Sredni Vashtar View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if the first commercial "self-driving" fleet is complemented by Uber/Lyft. So you pull out your cellphone, plug in your destination, and either a robot or a person shows up depending on circumstances.

Certainly you can complain and say "hey that's not really self driving" but nobody will be in the car to hear you.
Depends on how limited the self-driving car circumstances are I guess. If it could do basically everything except an airport drop-off / pickup (which can be particularly crazy right at the airport) and some weird addresses that most GPS struggle with too, I'll allow it.

If it can't get me from my ordinary single-family house on an ordinary street to my favorite restaurant to the arts center where the opera/symphony/ballet/theater group performs or the sports arena/stadium/field where the local teams play to my favorite bar and back home... then I wouldn't call that a self-driving car.
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