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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
20%??? Put it on one line, at the bottom.

I'd wonder if you left it off. I might wonder legal things, like whether you have a degree, and I might wonder illegal things, like whether you are trying to disguise the fact that you are an 86 year old career changer.

A woman in another industry told me that in her field, it's becoming common to only list the last 10 years or so of your experience. If that were the case, you could, of course, leave off the education. But we are a conservative industry and that would be weird here.
If you left it off I'd be immediately wondering this, although would guess that it was space concerns

Originally Posted by NerdAlert View Post
Oh yeah, I missed this bit the first time. I think the one page rule is completely bogus. My resume is 2 pages. Make it as long as it needs to be.

I agree with the part about putting the stuff you want them to see on the front. The second page is for less relevant previous jobs, education, volunteerism, and "other" experience. I will say, though, that I know people are reading that page because I always get asked about my secondment, and that's in the bottom half of the second page.
I'm definitely pro-1 page. The point of the resume is to get to a longer conversation, so in my view the 1 page is the top page of information about me. If you have 2 pages of information then that first page must be incredible and they'll hear all about the second page in the interview.
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