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Originally Posted by tometom View Post
I believe he's just saying you aggregate the tail factor over multiple years. so for example if your paid/incurred ultimates are like this:
1999: 10,000/11,000
2000: 10,000/12,000
2001: 10,000/10,000
you don't apply an adjustment of 1.1 to 1999, 1.2 to 2000 and 1.0 to 2001, you combine them together and adjust all years by 1.1.
Thought he meant that. We do that where I am. Wasn't sure though that it addressed the OP's original concern. True, it won't result in an exact match for the ultimates but overall you are definitely using the incurred to get the paid. (Not that that's so bad but seems redundant.)
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