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Originally Posted by Maine-iac View Post
I liked The Next Always. Read it in my pre-kindle days when I might run out of books on a long flight day and have to pick up another book at the airport. That was the best of a limited selection and I was surprised how much I liked it. Nora Roberts can write, but IMO, she writes too much. Her output, both as Nora Roberts and as J. D. Robb is astonishing. I won't read her for several years, then I'll pick one up, enjoy it, read a few more, they'll start all sounding the same, then I'll stop for several years.
That explains it. I think this was only the third Nora Roberts I've read, and none of the JD Robb books, although from what I've heard I might like those more.
Originally Posted by campbell
There's definitely a humor diversity in the profession.
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If there are any stray hairs around, feel free to split them while I'm gone.
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