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Originally Posted by TorteReform View Post
There will surely be horror stories of people losing connection and getting booted from the exam. It will be really awful for those people. However, the more I think about it, the more it seems like there will be a record pass rate this sitting. An extra hour and no need to do tedious calculations by hand? All but the least well prepared candidates should finish early with plenty of time to check over their answers.

And don't forget about the people who will hear about it from their coworkers who took it the day before.
x 1000.

For sure this is going to happen. Absolutely no doubt the pass rate is going to surge like crazy. This particular exam sitting will be the easiest it's been since blooms began (and arguably even easier from the prior versions). Completely unfair to those who have passed this exam in the last few years when enough time was just not provided despite it being raised an issue.

And then, after this one sitting the CAS will think "This was a major success!!! Look at how many people passed. Clearly we need to make the exams even harder!!!"
And then this will proceed to screw the people over in the fall (and probably for all exams, not just Exam 5 with this TBE nonsense).

I sadly agree that those taking it on the second day will almost guaranteed pass due to the cheating that will go on, despite the CAS claim that it's covered.
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