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I started in P&C in the late 80s (not as an actuarial student) with no programming skills, at a very small company that had recently implemented this 'Lotus' product on their 286's.

My first project was to help them manually enter data for a Schedule P application they'd bought. When I realized there were macros, and that investment data could be downloaded in text files from the mainframe, a light bulb went off and I wrote macros to do all the work. They were so impressed that they sent me to finance, where I wrote software to translate general ledger dumps into spreadsheets, and then they sent me to something called 'actuarial', where I took text files of loss data, formatted triangles in Lotus, and created a cute little reserving system that lasted quite a while.

Somewhere in there I did do some actuarial work...but clearly actuaries entering the field at a certain time found themselves doing a lot of straightforward programming.
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