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More questions

I believe I read somewhere that I could theoretically get my hours done for both 2017 and 2018 right now if I put 60 hours in. Does it work going the other way too?

I just got my ACAS in September, so need to get 30 hours by the end of this year, but am wondering if I can use hours from studying for my Fall 2016 exam for my 30 hours for year-end 2017.

Going further on the point above, I took exam 6 in the Fall of 2016, and had to retake it in Spring 2017. If I can use Fall 2016 exam hours, can I still use them knowing that I took the same exam both sittings?

Although I took Exam 8 this fall, I'm not sure if I am going to even earn an "effective attempt". (it wasn't a good past few months...)

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