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Originally Posted by Griffin 1 View Post
That's where the "Actuaries are smart" part comes in. When has anyone ever suggested that you're finished when you hit "Stop Recording"?
I know actuaries are smart, but you'll never find Cells(r,c) in a recorded macro. I use that more than anything else and I learned it from a book (or online, can't remember which). Most of the stuff I use (with regard to the Excel specific VBA) on a regular basis I got from a book, help or the internet. Only things I've gotten from the macro recorder are very obsure things (like the pivot table thing) and formatting stuff. So 90% of the stuff I use I didn't (and can't) learn from macro recorder. The other 10% isn't needed by someone trying to LEARN vba. So I'd tell that person to get a good foundation before using the macro recorder, even if they are an advanced programmer.

When I first started VBA programming I was already pretty good in VB. I used the macro recorder to learn the excel specific stuff at first and I was writing code like:

dim i as integer

for i = 1 to 10
activecell.value = i
next i

Columns were of course a *****.

I knew there had to be a better way so I bought a book and of course started writing better code immediately. Can you learn from the macro recorder? Of course. Is is the BEST way to learn? Hell no. Even for the best programmer in the world, he'd be better off scanning a book, then recording stuff.

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