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The same thing happened to me when I started working full-time. It is a hard transition from college to entry-level. You're used to frequent feedback, frequent change, lots of stimulation...and then suddenly you're doing similar work every day, it isn't glamorous like you thought it would be, you work a lot of hours, it's boring...I think that's just entry-level life, no matter where you go. My suggestion is to stick it out, no matter how much it sucks. I'm coming up on 5 years and have had my FSA for almost a year, and I am starting to get more responsibility and really enjoy my job - over the next 5 years I should get to do a lot more of the fun strategic stuff. Your job as an actuarial student is to pass exams and get your work done. Right now your ambition should be to do good work so you get a good rep, learn a lot, and get that FSA. That's what will open the doors. Your alternative path is drudgery in some other financial profession, followed by graduate school, and then the fun stuff will come. Or, financial planning might be an option, like someone mentioned. Unless you're an entrepreneur you will probably just have to wait your least for a couple of years.

I highly recommend reading this book. It has some great advice about getting through this period.
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