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I agree with Katie and DTNF...

No matter what you do, you're going to have to put in your time as a grunt.

Now, it's possible you're in a position where no one above you is really taking an interest in helping you move up, but, heck you've got 8 months experience! Why should they let you do anything interesting? You don't know anything yet.

Management consulting? What do you know about management? Why should I hire a kid out of college to tell me how to run my business?

Hedge funds - you'll be crunching #s there your first few years, too.

I'm in healthcare consulting and, yeah, the first 3 years were pretty boring. I had the benefit of 8 or years of waitressing full time to help me keep feet didn't ache, I wasn't working 14 hours days, no small children were throwing spaghetti at me, and my hair didn't smell like garlic all the time...anyway the point being there are a lot worse ways than being a data monkey to earn a living.

Now I'm in a more senior role, and it's much more fun...I like talking to clients on the phone, going out to meetings, selling business, contributing to technical briefs and marketing materials, etc.

I can't think of any technical/financial/etc career where your first few years aren't grunt work.

If you're not learning anything, you need to find a new mentor - or maybe a new job. But it's not necessarily the career that's the problem. I would start by talking to your bosses/higher-ups about getting more challenging assignments.

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