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Thanks for the throw over, Steve! I'm not of a salesman, to be honest - we try to only have one or two threads per forum (Study Manual + Seminar), but I apologize if it feels like we are crowding you out. Not my intention! I'll be brief here, then we can get to studying.

I'll start by saying something that may be a bit controversial: I think XP does a really good job. I also think PAK does a really good job (edge to PAK, but that's just my opinion ). Luckily, students have a lot of good options from instructors that care and want what is best for their students, and some healthy competition helps literally everyone. So, you guys are in good hands no matter what!

I would recommend you take a look at our samples, talk to your coworkers, and choose what "speaks" to you. I'd even recommend PM'ing the instructors to chat directly - we're both nice, talkative guys, with cool and sexy "Fargo" accents which everyone loves. You can't go wrong! (Eddy, sorry for the weak pitch, haha)

As for pass rates, our long-term trend for students that use the Online Seminar/Premium Package is about 75% over the ~6 years that we've been doing this. It has ups and downs, but has been steady around there for a while. We actually batted 1.000 over our first two sittings, with obviously small numbers as we (and the track itself) was just getting starting, but then we reverted to the mean (like a good old Vasicek Model).

So, yeah! The Finance Track is great, and I'm glad we're all here together, that's my final word Let's do this!
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