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Originally Posted by huskies007 View Post
My question is what are the odds of getting an EL position without getting a degree in a related major. I personally think it would be more useful to take a couple courses in SAS or SQL and focus on passing tests, but I don't know if that's how employers see it.
Your background in pharmacy and sales might make you attractive to a health consulting firm (which happens to be the area I'm in), so you might want to especially target that.

Your biggest issue is probably the number of exams. Pass them as quickly as you can -- you'll have more luck getting a job with two than one, and you'll have more luck getting a job with three than two. I was also a career changer, and I finally got a job offer right after passing my third exam.

The three exams still jointly taken by the SOA and CAS are P, FM, and MFE, so you probably don't want to take anything beyond that prior to getting an actuarial position (unless you definitely plan to go down the health route).
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