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Thanks for the input. In my case, I am pretty "set on actuarial" because I have passed two exams and my qualifications for most other professional jobs are weaker. Most EL jobs at companies that employ actuaries would be an improvement over my current job, even if they are not stepping stones.

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I feel like a broken record for saying this so many times on this forum, but I'll give it a shot again...

If you're a career changer, why are you so set on actuarial? If you're having trouble getting an actuarial job, it can't hurt to look at other quantitative/finance professions. Actuary is a good job, but there are lots of good jobs out there.

ETA: I say this because I'm of the opinion that taking one EL job for the sole purpose of a stepping stone into another EL job should be pretty low on your options list.
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