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Originally Posted by ADoubleDot View Post
MLC has a written portion?? What does that look like?
There's 96 points available on the exam. 20 MC questions worth 2 each leaves 56 points left for written answer questions, normally split up among 6 or 7 questions. Each WA has it's own sub questions with specific point allotments, and each sub question sort of builds on the one before it.

The written questions range from "Show that blah blah is equal to x" or "Derive the formula for this..." Honestly nothing that is too crazy compared to the MC questions, but it's definitely a bit of shell shock compared to the other prelims.

Toughest part about this exam is the time crunch, partially due to written questions. Every other prelim I finished with at least 20 minutes on the clock but I worked right up to the bell on MLC.
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