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Default Actuarial Exams in Turkey

There is 3 level examination system here. You should clear any exams at each level in order to be a registered actuary.

1. Level Examination includes:
a. Math b. Statistics&Probability c. Fundementals of Insurance&Economics d. Financial Math

2.Level Examination includes:
a. Accounting and Financial Reporting b. Insurance Math c. Risk Analysis and Actuarial Modelling d. Financial Theory

3. Level Examination includes:
a. Finance, Investment and Risk Management b. Life Insurance c. Non-Life Insurance d. Health Insurance e. Pension Systems

If you clear all four exams from 1st level you will gain "Trainee Actuary" title.
After 2nd level -> Assistant Actuary
When you finish 3rd level + 3 years work experiences -> Registered Actuary.

If you want to ask anything, please do not hesitate.

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