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Originally Posted by GuyWithHighIQ View Post
Of course, the corporations don't like it that their CEOs and major stockholders will earn just 50x the average person and not 5000x like they are now.
exaggerate much?

The US national working wage is roughly 45 K a year. 5000 X is 225 M a year. How many people do you think make 225 M PER YEAR.

CEO pay should be related to how much value they add to shareholder weath. I don't care if they get paid $1 B a year if they earn it because as a shareholder I reap large gains. I don't care if it's 10,000 times the average worker pay. The relative measure between the two is a useless statistic that people use to suit their commi "everyone needs paid more" crap.

Go start a business and tell me how much you think you need paid compared to the workers you hire.
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