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Originally Posted by campbell View Post
Speaking as a former teacher, there are lots of perfectly legit extra ways they can make more than their salary. They can coach or advise an extra-curricular program. They can work the ticket booth at football & basketball games. Some districts might have extra pay set aside for chaperoning dances. (The one where I briefly worked had it written into the contract that each middle & high school teacher had to chaperone a minimum of 1 dance per year, but others explicitly paid for that.)

Teaching summer school is a big one, although it's not clear how that would be listed on their website. If a teacher supervises Saturday School or the school-wide after-school detention, that is extra money too.

Internal subbing is also pretty generous extra pay for teachers. The unions tend to really jack up what the district must pay for internal subbing. Most teachers *hate* doing it, and the district always thinks that "next year we'll have enough substitute teachers, so we won't end up paying it anyway" so the rate skyrockets. (Internal subbing means that a teacher gives up their planning period in order to substitute that period for a different absent teacher. If the absent teacher teaches 5 classes, the district might have 5 different teachers cover during their planning periods. Regular full-time teachers, not actual substitute teachers.) Some districts have preference lists where teachers can say "I need the money, I'm happy to internal sub: call me first if there's a need" or "God no, I hate internal subbing even at the union rate of pay: call me last". So if you preferenced to internal sub you might get called a lot.

Department heads make a little extra money also, and I don't know how that would be listed.

If they're doing some other kind of district work over the summer, that might also qualify for extra pay. Offhand I'm not sure what that might be, but there could be stuff. (maybe interviewing teacher candidates?) If the school got a grant for something, there could be extra pay for teachers involved in the grant. Particularly an award of some sort might have some extra pay involved.

$36,381 seems like an awful lot of extras, but if she was picking up every extra it's definitely possible.
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