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Things You Didn't Know About Detroit's Historic Bankruptcy
Nathan Bomey, author of a new book on the largest Chapter 9 filing in U.S. history, reveals the unsung heroes and true timeline of the event.

I didn't know until reading your book that bankruptcy was being talked about in Detroit several years before 2013.

It was. In Detroit, the promises to retirees were actually broken many years before the bankruptcy process. I think the problem was [that by the time bankruptcy was considered], political leaders didn't really have the political will to make the tough decisions to avoid this type of process. So they put it off. And one factor in Detroit's bankruptcy that has been widely misunderstood is that the emergency manager law was uniquely tailored to make a bankruptcy go fast. Kevyn Orr got the job about four months before the city ultimately filed for bankruptcy. I think looking back on it, most people would agree that by the time he was installed, bankruptcy was probably inevitable.
Were there any unsung heroes who emerged in your reporting?

Very few people know about two retirees who were extremely important to the resolution of the case: Shirley Lightsey and Don Taylor. They helped negotiate the decision to accept the [roughly 10 percent] cuts in pensions and [90 percent cut] in health care. They had to convince their constituents to vote in favor of it. And I think what they did was remarkable because it was a triumph of pragmatism and it was an example of a sacrifice that we just don't see in politics.

Detroit taught us a lot about how pensioners and bondholders can be treated in bankruptcy. Are there any other lessons for cities here?

I think that one of the key lessons is someday the bill will come due. The promises you make will eventually be paid for by somebody. In Detroit, it was the retirees and Wall Street who sacrificed. So think about that when you set the budget.


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