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Default CERA and then FSA?


If you want to obtain the FSA and CERA certifications and Even if there is a Recommended Order for FSA Track Requirements, one possibility is to present first the ERM module, then the ERM Exam and then to continue with the remaining requirements to achieve the FSA certification.

In this order of ideas, you will get first the CERA certification and then when finished all the FSA requirements, the FSA certificate.

For example, if the FSA track is "Group and Health", my scheme would be:

ERM Module
ERM Exam
-- Becoming CERA
Financial Economics Module
Group and Health Core exam
Group and Health Advanced exam
Pricing, Reserving and Forecasting module
-- Becoming FSA
Finally, you will be FSA and CERA.

Is that possible? Recommendable? Is anyone doing this?

Thank you!
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