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Yeah, the two bad things are the hole post 2017 and lack of recent exam progress (especially since you explicitly said in the CL that you were working toward becoming an actuary (and I only realize now that "while teaching ..." is a hedge)). Are you sitting for one soon? You might want to list that. If you're not sitting for one soon, you might want to consider sitting for one soon.

It's particularly bad, as that's really the first thing you see on the resume and it sets a negative impression. Which is bad because...

It's one of the more interesting resumes that's been posted here. One-page is the rule here, but this seems like a resume that people will spend more time on because it is unusual, and I think cutting jobs will cut interesting stuff. I'd seriously consider keeping it at two, but making sure that there's enough of the interesting stuff on p1 to keep the reader going.

If you can make it one page and keep it as interesting, it's better, though.

If you're gonna go two pages, don't cramp stuff at the top. I'd move skills to the bottom. The way you've got it now is hard to read and annoying. And that will make the exams stand out more.

I'd put the exams in chronological order and I'd use only month and year.

I'd not label email and phone.

I'd normally say to use more space on the education to make it easier to read, but space and getting to interesting stuff is important here. I'd probably want the degrees and majors to stick out more than the schools in this case, so I'd probably move them to the left margin. When you put all the info in there, I'd guess there will be some trial and error to get it as easy to read as possible.

I usually prefer bullets, but again with your different and numerous jobs, I see why you've gone with the non-bulleted info. But in that case, I'd keep it as simple as possible. You don't need any description at all for park ranger and dealer. You only need to say simply what kind of attny you were and not list all that stuff.

The unusual part under econ instr is just the entrepreneurial stuff and I'd just say that. And mention if any students became successful from the class project.

Econ and econ inst can be shortened.

You can shorten the translation.

I'd get rid of the bar. Don't you need to pass that to practice? You practiced for years, so you must have passed, I assume.

Now I'm thinking that if you do all those shortenings, it will fit on one page.

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