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Originally Posted by aspringactuaryvp View Post
Any other suggestions of specific companies?

You are getting the responses you are getting because it is a terrible lazy question. How the hell would I or anyone know where the best entry level job is? None of us have worked for more than a handful of companies. It's like asking what the best restaurant in America is. Even that I could take a stab at since I have been to hundreds.

Do you want us to take a week off and poll 100 actuaries and run it through excel with some nice graphs.

Advice: instead of asking an open ended question in which you have obviously not done any research how about you do this.

Tell us what research you have done.
Tell us why you asked the question. Are you looking to apply to one or is this just morbid curiosity.
What are your parameters. Do you want to be home at 4:00 or do you like working long hours? Do you have exams? Are you constricted geographically. Are you social? What are your current skills? Are you a data guy or a social guy or both? You have family?
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