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Originally Posted by windows7forever View Post
I can hardly believe your college math background prepare you enough for any actuarial exam. But I know CA and TIA and other actuarial exam preparation tools can still help people focus on improving their weaknesses until they master most parts of syllabus to pass exams.

I used CA to prepare for my exams too, but I cannot believe you got 0s a couple times with TIA which are more expensive and more preferred by many people. Even more strangely, you got passed LTAM with switching to CA on one attempt only. You probably did not study enough when you had TIA but you spent more time on CA that made you to pass LTAM.

People have failed exams using both products and other products before, but I think that's because they do not adapt to those products or have not spent enough time diving deeply in these materials.
There isn't really a lot of math in these exams.
I think basic algebra (Understanding what a variable is and solving for unknowns), basic calculus (Memorizing derivatives and integrals of simple functions) and slightly below average IQ are enough to pass exams.
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