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Originally Posted by NotSmart View Post
There isn't really a lot of math in these exams.
I think basic algebra (Understanding what a variable is and solving for unknowns), basic calculus (Memorizing derivatives and integrals of simple functions) and slightly below average IQ are enough to pass exams.
If you tell college professors they will not believe so. For example, before I even heard the word "actuary" or "actuarial science," the undergraduate math, statistics, or financial math or quantitative programs would require to take mathematical statistics. That's a course with a minimum prerequisite of Calculus III (some colleges may require Calculus II if they only have two Calculus levels).

In order to take the first exam P, professors would require students to complete at least one semester of upper level mathematical statistics (for juniors and seniors) at minimum.

Basic algebra and basic calculus are for high school students. I do not think that's sufficient for any actuarial exam. At least you cannot pass STAM or C with just basic stuff.
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