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Overall storylines: Ding Liren drops both of first two matches putting him in sole possession of last place for the time being. MVL starts out with 1.5/2 after going against the top rated Caruana and Liren to start. Puts him in a tie with Caruana and Nepo for first place as of now.

Day 1:
Wang Hao and Nepo won with the black pieces over Liren and Giri, respectively. Giri was in a good position with some seemingly really deep prep in game 1, but took a misstep later on and lost his advantage vs Nepo. It went to a very deep endgame of queen vs rook+pawn that Nepo eventually cracked to convert the win. Grischuk seemed like he was going to take a win vs Alekseenko, but a piece sac by Alekseenko for a couple central pawns that were threatening to steam roll him allowed him to save the position and earn a draw.

Day 2:
Caruana diced up Alekseenko today to also go 1.5/2. Liren got into a strange position that MVL was able to exploit and eventually convert for a win. A bit of an unexpected misstep from Liren that forced him to drop a bishop for a pawn late in the game resulted in a resignation as he was trying to hold his weird position. The other matchups went to a draw (Grischuk vs Nepo and Giri vs Hao).
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