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Originally Posted by mindthegap View Post
But I have some things that I feel would be attractive to an employer. Excellent GPA, 2 exams (got a 10 on 1/P), SAT 790 Math/780 Verbal (back when it was only out of 1600), and GRE 800 Math/720 Verbal. I also am an independent worker and BELOVED at my job. Both my current positions require good interpersonal skills.

I have tried to get both entry-level and intern positions but with no luck.
1. Don't restrict yourself to P&C.
2. Don't restrict yourself geographically.
3. Don't ever tell an interviewer that you are BELOVED at your current job. I rolled my eyes about as high as they could go when I read that.
4. Your resume reads like a list of things that you've done. Great. How have you added value to the places you've worked? What have you accomplished?
5. Pass another exam - with a weak resume in an unrelated field, you're probably going to need more than two exams.
6. What is a class marshal? (Unless I'm misreading, it seems like a typo.)
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