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This message was originally posted in the P/1 forum during 2009
Originally Posted by Mary Hardy
This message is important and should be treated seriously by all those engaged in this thread. I am writing in my capacity as Vice President for Education. Discipline of exam candidates is one of my responsibilities.

The questions used in the computer based exams are not to be disclosed by any candidates. Of course, you may discuss topics that arose in general terms, but reproducing questions is against the candidate Code of Conduct, is considered a form of cheating, and will result in disciplinary action if we identify the culprits.

It is also a breach of copyright.
They apply the same non-disclosure rules to questions on unreleased pencil-and-paper exams. Another post from 2009 on non-disclosure of CBT and other unreleased exam questions (with minor updates in quote)
Originally Posted by Moderator1 View Post
These current SOA/CAS non-disclosure rules are stricter than what they have tried to enforce in the past prior to 2009. There may be some inadvertent violations by posters not familiar with the new current rules.

Please, everyone: if you see a post that you think contains too much information, report it. Use the "report post" icon in the upper right corner of each post. That way moderators are alerted to remove the posts as quickly as possible. Posting something in the thread is not nearly as effective a way get a moderator's attention.

Originally Posted by gracyjoe View Post
Can we still talk about ratios of types of questions and difficulty of specific topics as long as we do not post the questions themselves?
After 6 PM eastern time on Nov 5, that's OK, we think. If a representative of the SOA or CAS objected to a post, we would probably delete it. From what I've seen from the posts of CAS or SOA representatives, you could go as far as posting that you had a hard problem on the mean of a mixed distribution - but don't post that you got answer A or answer 800. You could post that you had a problem with a moment-generating function you didn't recognize, but don't post what that moment-generating function was.

The SOA and CAS did not complain about any posts from the May 2009 window.
The SOA and CAS have complained about very few posts since May 2009.

Since the mods don't know what the exam questions are, we have to rely on your following the rules and your alerting us if some posts seem too specific. You can use the "report post" icon in the upper right corner of any posts to call it to our attention.
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