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Originally Posted by sukkev08 View Post
For anyone who has previously prepared the exam only using CA online manual and ADAPT, how did it go?
I took MLC a year ago using ASM plus a couple weeks of ADAPT and got a 5. This time I used the CA online manual, ADAPT, and focused more on WA. I really liked how concise CA manual was, but I think it helped having the base knowledge from ASM.

I finished ADAPT with a 6.18 after 13 exams. I flew through most of the MC questions and would guess I got 16/20, with maybe 14 on the first pass. I think 25% were on the new LTAM topics, but fortunately they were extremely basic. I felt like I had more time for WA than I did with MLC.

For WA, I worked through SOA sample, previous exam, and CA questions 1-3 times depending on my results. I felt pretty good about 4 WA since they were very similar to ones I had seen. 2 were new to me and I really struggled with #6 even though I felt good about Pension problems.

I felt better leaving the exam than with MLC so I'd be disappointed (but not exactly surprised) if I fail again.
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