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Exclamation Exam C Study Manual

My university has an ACTEX exam C study manual from fall 2012, and my professor is letting me use it to study for Exam STAM (going to take it in February). I know that most of the content overlaps between what was previously exam C and what is now exam STAM, but I think some material did change. Considering how much content I already have access to, I'm sure it's not worth buying a new STAM study manual, but I also want to make sure that:
  1. I'm not missing any important material tested on STAM that wasn't on C
  2. I'm not wasting time studying material that was on C but won't be on STAM

Do you have any advice? If I am missing some material, what is it, and how should I compensate? Thanks.

For reference, here's an image of the front cover of the study manual I'm using:

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