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Originally Posted by Ron Weasley View Post
Press F4
That doesn't help me with the original formula.

I Have a number in A1. I also have a list of other numbers in A2, A3, A4...

I need to multiply A1 * A2 and put it into B2, A1*A3 in B3, A1*A4 in B4, etc.

I also have a number in D1 and I need to multiply it by D2, D3, D4, etc and put the result next to it.

So, my first formula, in B2, I hit "+", click A1, *, click A2, enter. Then F2, edit the A1 to $A$1. Then copy the formula down all the rows.

I do the same thing for the second formula with D1.

Is there anyway to, when I click A1, to make it $A$1 in my formula?
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