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Originally Posted by louislobas View Post

I'm an actuary student currently doing an internship in a bank. My task is to create a credit risk model and in order to simulate interest rates I need to use the Hull & White and Vasicek models.

However I'm struggling to calibrate my rates.

I started by doing in interpolation by cubic splines to my rates to get an expression of the instantaneous forward rate (f(0,t)) and thus the short rate (r(0)).

For the Vacisek model, i calibrated the parameters on the bond prices which gave me satisfying results.

As for the H&W model, it follow automatically the current bond prices so I have to calibrate it on either caps or swaptions but i really know which derivates to take (in term ok stiker and maturity).

Could someone be friendly enough to guide me and help me to understand?

Have you asked your manager? Do that first.

Also, this probably should be in the Finance/Investments area. As the person who created the thread, you can move it there. Use Thread Tools, Move or Copy.
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JMO is right
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I agree with JMO.
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And def agree w/ JMO.
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This. And everything else JMO wrote.
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Depends upon the employer and the situation.
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