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Originally Posted by Sredni Vashtar View Post
My brother finally convinced me to buy this last night. I've been holding off because shooters are not my cup of tea, but I like him and his friends a lot.

A couple things I really like:
1) The solo/couplet/squad Deathmatch means you don't have to put up with people you don't like. (basically the worst thing about online gaming)

2) The game is over pretty fast, unlike say Rust.

3) The longer the game lasts, the closer you get to winning, the more exciting it gets.

4) It's actually pretty n00b friendly. Despite being pretty bad at shooting, looting, stealthiness, (basically everything) I did OKAY with just some common sense and paying attention.

Unlike a game like counter-strike, it's not all fighting skills...The guy with the best gun, best hiding place, fastest draw, and sharpest aim only usually wins. Other times someone walks up and hits him with a machete when he's trying to loot a house.
Glad you have enjoyed it! I've put a bunchhhh of hours into PUBG already, lemme know if you have any questions, I know the map extremely well and know many ins and out details. Winning lost a touch of the rush I got the first couple months, but a couple times a play session it still gives me that big adrenaline rush when making hard decisions or fighting those crucial battles or tough shots. I still remember my first frag in the game and how I got my first chicken dinner!

In other news, I hit Champion rank in Rocket League!!! Only for a couple games though before I dropped out. Still pretty proud, but in order to get the rewards (swag) of being champion rank you need to get 12 wins while being at the rank and I only got 2 before dropping back to Diamond. I'm nearly always the worst mechanical player in the game, I really need to improve and was watching a couple advanced tutorials on things I need to start incorporating into my game.
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