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It's just not a relevant skill (in most cases). If it comes up in conversation either as small talk or as a relevant answer to a question (maybe learning a language was a significant challenge you faced, or maybe learning new languages and traveling is a hobby, or maybe you teach languages in your spare time, or something), then that's fine. But when it says something like Skills: Arabic, I'm wondering why this person thinks this is a relevant skill. Your resume is your summary as to why we should hire you.

And then in addition to that, it's an extra signal that English is not your first language, which will send out a hint to people that you might not be great at English - even before the meet you to see for themselves!

Others (for example, Canadiens Fan) may see it as a plus, so this might vary. But personally, this would not in any way make me more likely to recommend a candidate for an interview.
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