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Originally Posted by vividox View Post
Hmmm, interesting. In the audio engineering world, acoustic treatment is one of the fundamental necessities for clear and precise listening. Doesn't matter how nice your equipment is, first reflections simply destroy the clarity of the sound, and proper sound treatment makes a huge difference in what you actually hear. That all being said, I don't have any experience with horns.

Anywho, reason why I brought up audio treatment is that's the next step in my studio. Gonna do a couple of DIY bass traps, a diffuser, and then a bunch of absorption panels. I've got a pretty small, pretty square room, so it'll make a HUGE difference.
One issue, for me, is it's my living room, so I have to be mindful of aesthetics. I might be able to get away with a few treatments, but I can't go too nuts.

With respect to bass, multiple subs seems to me to be the best solution.

And the reason is simply that bass tones have very, very long wavelengths. At 20Hz it's almost 60'. Your room is almost certainly quite a bit smaller in any dimension than 60'. So, what happens, in a nutshell, is that at certain frequencies you get constructive interference, and at other frequencies you get destructive interference. Bass traps try to attenuate this, and I think to some extent they may help.

But, imagine instead adding multiple subs. Put the first, for example, in a corner. In a square room you're hitting the same room modes in both directions, huge nulls and peaks. Now, add a second sub along a wall, but a third of the way down the wall instead of a corner. The two subs have one common room mode, but on the other axis, you're hitting different modes. Now, put a third sub kind of near the middle of the room. You get the idea. By having 2-4 subs, and varying the distance between the subs and the walls, you start to sort of average out the freq response.

I'm having issues with my stupid MiniDSP at the moment, it doesn't want to connect to my laptop. In my prior house I had three subs scattered around the room. With a bit of EQ, I was +/- 1.5dB to around 18Hz. In-room, that is very, very flat.
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