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Of course, you can chat. I graduated from the statistics department at UCF in 2004. And I am in the PhD in statistics program at NC state, and earned my masters in statistics in May 2006. I was kind of lazy to start taking the exams because I was taking so many courses, and even now!! I am taking my PhD courses and they are probably as hard as the toughest exams, but it is different! The questions are theoretical, which you will never see on an actuarial exam, and the way of thinking is different.

I took Course 1 in May, and it was easy. I got 9/10. Misread two questions and I knew it!!! However, I know nothing about Course 2 and I will not have any time to study it until after this year. I cannot have measure theory and interest theory in my brain at the same time!! However the PhD courses will help me with Exam 4.

I think the exams are pretty fun to study for. It was refreshing to have been tested so many times on statistical theory and take exam 1 at the end of my masters degree. However, I have to learn all the finance stuff that I have never taken before. Exam 2 and Exam 3A and 3B will be toughest for me. Exam 4 will be easier.

Finally, why are so many faculty leaving UCF? Ms. Guo left, Dr. Eric Ulm left, Dr. Hoffman left, Dr. Ibrahim left. It is good that they brought Kellison in. How much is he there? And is that guy from University of Waterloo there? U of W in Canada IS the best actuarial program in North America, and you could do PhD level research in the field over there.

How many people are in the masters of act science now at UCF? I have been away from Orlando for over 2 years?
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