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I think the reason is that the professors at UCF in the stat department were underpaid. One of my teachers once gave me some data points. And the entry-level actuary salary around $45K is not that much lower than what a professor with a PhD in statistics would get around $55K at UCF. And it is not easy to get a professor job with PhD in statistics. Only the top students from my program had any luck, and the positions were at the University of South Carolina, and UNC-Greensboro.

However, the PhD in statistics could open other doors such as the biostatistics and the pharmaceutical industry as well. And the entry-level positions in the pharm industry with PhD will get as much as ASA about. Are there any positions if you were ASA or FSA that would want a PhD in statistics as well because they would be considered higher-level and are more research-based?

So I could see why they are all leaving. However, the faculty at NC State does not leave that much. So I wonder what the reason is at UCF besides the salary.
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